Craig Shelly is known equally for their beautiful and timeless luxury watches as much as their drive to create change in the world!


What is a timepiece to you? Is it classic elegance or a special accessory you wear to meetings or evening galas? Perhaps it means much more. 

If you love Craig Shelly luxury timepieces, you not only invest in a watch that can be passed down to generations, but you’re investing in making a difference. At Craig Shelly, with every purchase of a watch, money is donated to a couple of hand-picked foundations such as Akshaya Patra and Shriners Hospital For Children  — learn more about what we do on our Giving Back page.

A Notable Month For Craig Shelly

Earlier this month, Craig Shah, founder and CEO of Craig Shelly, was recognized by Stardust Media and Society Magazine for his philanthropic brand that is making an impact on lives around the world. He was honored with a Global Citizen Award and stood alongside many other business humanitarians such as Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar.   

To fully cultivate his vision, he created a limited edition set of watches known as the Hope Collection. The beautifully-crafted timepieces reflect and shine a light onto what is so often a bleak world. The watches embody hope and this is Craig Shelly’s rumination on hope:

“‘HOPE’ … such a simple, pure, yet a Powerful word! It has the power to change anything and anyone. It can transform adversities into possibilities. Giving the gift of HOPE to someone is elevating their spirits and giving them a chance to make a difference in their lives and that of others around them.”

A pillar of Craig Shelly is fostering hope to those most in need — apart from donating so generously to children, Craig Shelly also supports foundations such as Along Comes Hope, Storm Aid, and A Soldier’s Journey Home. 

To further promote and spread his philanthropic endeavors, Craig Shelly has partnered with celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Mario Lopex, and others from the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA).

The Importance Of Alignment

These days, many consumers crave more, but not in the way you’d think. Not more for less or just more, but rather, more alignment and more purpose. People buying products want to know more of what’s behind it. 

It’s about the people. Who’s making the product? What’s their story and are they being paid fairly and treated with kindness and respect?  

It’s about the materials. People not only want high-quality materials, but they want transparency behind it, too. Where is it coming from? Is it ecologically sustainable? 

This is what consumers are curious about — the alignment. How does a product align with my core values? 

And this is where you can feel confident about the luxury watches Craig Shelly produces. Each watch is designed and made in Switzerland by an expert watchmaker and then assembled right here in the U.S. — it’s a simple and transparent way to craft watches! Not only do you get an unmatched quality but a watch that aligns.

So, if you want a product that oozes classic elegance, has parts in philanthropy, and can align with your core beliefs, a luxury timepiece by Craig Shelly is for you! 

Craig Shelly Partners

Akshaya Patra – This foundation serves kids in India nutritious meals each day while they attend school. The goal of Akshaya Patra is to eliminate classroom hunger so kids can focus solely on their education, increase school attendance, address malnutrition, and improve the socialization of castes in India.  

Shriners Hospital For Children – The mission at Shriners Hospital For Children is to provide high-quality care to children with neuromuscular conditions, burn injuries, and other special needs in a caring and collaborative environment. 

Support A Philanthropic Vision

Since its inception, Craig Shelly has been dedicated to creating a business with a purpose and putting people over profits. Because of his generous work, Craig Shah has received honorable awards for the work he does. He continues to craft watches that are more than an accessory, as witnessed in his newest timepiece anthology, the Hope Collection. 

Because today’s consumers are focused more on alignment and look more at what the business stands for in the people and materials that share in the process, consumers appreciate the philanthropic work and the simplicity behind the Craig Shelly luxury watch brand.

For more information about our company or watches, reach out to us today!