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Affordable Swiss Watches, Quality and Affordable Swiss Watches, Give the Gift of Time

Affordable Swiss Watches, Quality and affordable swiss watches, from https://www.craigshelly.com. Make great gifts for that special someone in your live. Give the give of time, with a Affordable Swiss Watches, Quality and affordable swiss watch. CRAIG SHELLY: PASSION. DRIVE. DEDICATION What we wear becomes part of who we are, and who we are changes the […]

Global Icon Citizen Award

Craig Shelly Beverly Hills Honored as one of the most Philanthropic brand that cares for children around the world. Craig Shah, Global CEO at Craig Shelly was Awarded with a GLOBAL ICON CITIZEN AWARD along side many accomplished business tycoons and celebrities, With An Amalgamation of Style and Humanity. 2019 is a landmark year for Craig […]

Water Resistance and Your Luxury Watch (Part One)

From 5 ATM to 15 ATM — what do these numbers mean to your watch? Because all you really want to know is if it can get wet, right?! Let’s talk water resistance.   Most new luxury watches come equipped with some water resistance, and whether they can handle a couple of splashes or can […]

When Business And Philanthropy Collide

Craig Shelly is known equally for their beautiful and timeless luxury watches as much as their drive to create change in the world!   What is a timepiece to you? Is it classic elegance or a special accessory you wear to meetings or evening galas? Perhaps it means much more.  If you love Craig Shelly […]

Why Wear A Watch? 5 Reasons Why Watches Trump Smartphones!

The timeless essence of timepieces is here — now and forever — even with the ever omnipotent smartphones!   Technology develops — it innovates and progresses — but even with the swiftly moving technological world, watches still have a place, and no, they’re not irrelevant!   There are many scenarios where checking your watch is […]

Winners of Society Global Indian Icon Awards 2019

In keeping with its editorial philosophy and to celebrate the global success stories of Indian Icons from different fields, SOCIETY magazine is hosted its annual Society Global Indian Icon Awards in London. The icons were chosen from the field of Business, Philanthropy, Art, Music, Food, Sports, Law, Medicine, Education, amongst others. In collaboration with Meera […]

Craig Shelly Honors Hollywood’s Ace Actor, Colin Farrell With a Bespoke Watch — El Capitan Rose — On The Eve of the 91st Academy Awards With An Amalgamation of Style and Humanity

Colin Farrell attended the 91st Academy Awards with a philanthropist flair, and Craig Shelly, in collaboration with City Gala, sponsored and supported 100 underprivileged children with food and education for one year through its partnership the Akshaya Patra Foundation. As Colin Farrell graced the red carpet on Sunday night, he ushers forth a film career […]