Affordable Swiss Watches, Quality and affordable swiss watches, from Make great gifts for that special someone in your live. Give the give of time, with a Affordable Swiss Watches, Quality and affordable swiss watch.


What we wear becomes part of who we are, and who we are changes the world, for better or for worse.

Craig Shelly is about expressing ourselves and making the world a better, safer place at the same time. From our lifetime warranty to our scratch-proof sapphire crystals, Craig Shelly offers the best value and craftsmanship in Swiss timepieces.

Giving Back Through Uncompromising Quality Craig Shelly is about bringing you affordable luxury that plays a bigger part in a mission you can support and believe in.

That’s why a portion of all our sales are forwarded to charitable organizations. Redefining Time by Craig & Shelly Shah My passion for watches started in childhood. I would see a watch face shining on someone’s wrist and my young mind would run wild with whatever I’d imagine made it tick. It took meeting my highschool sweetheart (and now wife), Shelly, to turn a childlike fascination into the vision that became Craig Shelly.

We love to travel. Experiencing the energy, beauty, and diversity of destinations around the world is a huge part of what drives me every day. For me, it’s what keeps life new and wonderful. And we built that into the spirit of Craig Shelly. When you walk into a place like the Taj Mahal or Sistine Chapel, it’s like time stops.

The epic scale and beauty of the architecture hits you like a thunderbolt and everything that was on your mind becomes so small. You start to absorb the history and the art, and it changes you, makes you a more conscious person.

We wanted to share that experience so we transformed it into Craig Shelly.

Affordable Swiss Watches, Quality and Affordable Swiss Watches, Give the Gift of Time.

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